• Quiet, Comfortable Living.

    Quiet, Comfortable Living.

    We have built our reputation by delivering quality apartment living in attractive residential communities where constant attention is paid to the needs of our residents.  Our commitment to you is that we will provide superior living accommodations, amenities and services for your comfort and peace of mind.  We are located just past the newly built Greystone Golf course in Wayne County which surrounds the complex giving you 11 acres of walking area for quiet and comfortable living.

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Superior Living Accomodations for Your Comfort and Peace of Mind.

Welcome Home

Whether you are new to the Rochester area or desire to experience a combination of luxury, convenience, and value in your home, Walworth Garden Apartments is the place to be! Walworth Garden Apartments presents intriguing features that will easily conform with your wants. From detailed floor plans, amenities and rental rates, in addition to top notch service and trouble free tenancy, your central needs are certain to be satisfied. More than a dozen newly renovated apartments feature brand new refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers in bright kitchens, a newly fresh coat of paint on walls, washed carpets, new washers and dryers, generous closets, and contemporary baths. Our competitively priced Rochester NY apartments ranges from as little as $650.00 (Subject to change) for a one (1) bedroom apartment to$700 (Subject to change)for a two (2) bedroom apartment. For extensive variety and high quality, the top choice of all Rochester, NY apartments is Walworth Garden Apartments. Where living is for your comfort ~ Every time.

Service Excellence

Walworth Garden Apartments features 24-hour maintenance. Our management responds quickly to your every need. At Walworth Garden Apartments, we are at your service.

A Lease To Fit Your Lifestyle

Whether you are staying for a month, a year or a lifetime, Walworth Garden Apartments has an apartment for you… a place you’ll be proud to call home. Long time residents view Walworth Garden Apartments as a name they can trust for superior accomodations and service

Thank You

Thank you for choosing Walworth Garden Apartments to be included as an essential part of your life. With our commitment to quality service, we will make every effort to ensure that your comfort is an extended and enjoyable one.

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